Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Want Loveable Hair!

Every girl wants their hair to look great at all times! Yet, we know that it is nearly impossible for your hair to be perfect all the time and to do what you ask of it. Trust me, I know! I have tried nearly everything to get my hair to be perfectly pin straight or to be curled just the right  way and have the right bounce to it. Even if I do get my hair to be perfect the way I like it, I end up doing a lot of damage to my hair:(

Not Anymore I have found three inexpensive products that work fantastic and does wonders to protect and style your hair. I wont babble anymore about what they are I am just going to tell you!

TREsemme Heat Tamer Spray
I am almost speechless about this product because it is just that good! What is it? Well its a spray that protects your hair from all the bad things that us ladies do to our hair. Like Curling and using a flat iron on our hair. This spray keeps the heat from damaging our hair while keeping it strong and healthy. What I really like about this is that it also makes your hair soft and manageable after you wash your hair. This spray is a MUST have if you are constantly doing your hair like I am and it is very affordable!

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Straight Fixation
For all the lovely ladies with the straight hair this is the product for you! This smoothing creme is meant to help keep away the frizz and provide you with the straight hair for at least 24 hours! I used this and was amazed and not because my hair was straight (my hair usually stays straight just from using the flat iron) but because it got rid of all my fly aways and frizz! It also is meant to be applied before you blow dry your hair so it isn't sticky or flaky to your hair at all. The best thing is one medium size tube can last for a while because a small amount works miracles for my hair. I am not too sure if it really keeps your hair straight because mine usually is but if it does you will have to let me know!

Herbal Essences Tousle me Softly
If your a curly girl try this product! Its like a hairspray but more of a spritz that doesn't leave your hair feeling all stiff and well gross! It helps define your natural waves and curls while leaving your hair feeling soft and manageable. The plus is the smell is enticing!

Dolls let me know what are your must have hair products!
as always, till next time

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  1. I blow dry my hair almost every day and the product I'm currently use to protect is CRISTOPHE Beverly Hills 3in 1 Conditions, detangles, and heat protects! I personally love TRESEMME as well, and would love to try this product out!!