Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall Loves

Yeah, its been awhile...but its like every time I stop blogging I miss it! Since fall is here and winter is approaching my favorite seasons for all things beauty and fabulous! I must dish out on some of my favorite things this season!

The first being Oxfords!!!

Ok first I don’t know what it is about these cute little 1800’s england mens shoes that I find so amazing but I love them. Mainly because they add a little edge of masculinity and femininity at the same time! I don’t maybe I am crazy but i just adore wearing these with a boho chic top and some leggings! Or perhaps its because I am not a big sneaker person and this is just a fine alternative for a shoe. Whatever the reason maybe it had in the shoe store for millions of hours trying on every pair!

Sheer tops!
Ok so I know your thinking sheer tops...umm a bit scandalous for fall..  Well think again worn correctly with a nice camisole a sheer top in beautiful fall color can be stunning! Please don’t think I am referring to some tight see through shirt that you may or may not have seen some wicked women wearing on a corner of a bad neighborhood. I talking about a nice flowing shirt that helps capture a boho gypsy kinda of feel. I will be terribly sad when the weather turns cold and I will have to retire my flowy sheer tops but until then they are a must in my wardrobe!

Oversized sweaters!

Yeah Yeah I know its still a bit warm outside for winter but umm who doesn’t like preparing early? I am in love with the idea this season of being able to be comfy in winter but still fabulous at the same! So of course when I see sweaters on sale I am picking mine up in a size larger than I need so that i may wear it with a pair of dark or even light leggings with a chunky jeweled necklaces!

Dark Colors with a pop of another dark color!

Fall and winter are my favorite because I love being in dark colors such as blacks navys grays etc. But this winter what I am really looking forward to is wearing these dark colors then adding a a pop of a dark purple or green. I am have foreverrr been on a search for cute affordable dark green handbag but so far no luck!


  1. I love brouges so much! I wear them like, everyday :L is my blog if you wanna have a quick look or even follow back? Thanks :) xx