Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pure Ice Honey Do

I picked this brand Pure Ice at Walmart and this color Honey Do caught my attention! it was such a sweet and pretty Honeysuckle color and I couldn't resist buying it because it was only around $3!

I was really excited to paint my nails with this color and it came out looking good! The color was perfect , and just what I had wanted. Sadly with in a day the nail polish chipped easily and I had to repaint them. This is a good color and nail polish but it chips really easily but it was worth it for the price that I paid. i would recommend this for the color only and if your the type of person who has the time to make little touch ups! If you hate when your nails chip then this is not for you.

I would love to hear if you have tried this brand and if you like it! Because I am moving to a apartment and I was thinking maybe it chipped because of all the things I was handling. Also if you have any cute room themes please let me know because i am going to be redecorating my room!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Trend: Neutrals

This spring is not just about the bright colors its also about the simple colors too.  I am talking about your everyday neutrals. This spring trend colors are black, brown, beige, white and tan. This trend is all about toning it down for a simple classic but fashionable look. $59.99
This dress is simple with a few touches of something special with the lace and ruffles $84.99
This is simple yet with an edge with the brass buttons and frill

Wet Seal $15.99
Wet Seal $19.80
This top I found at my Wet Seal for only $12.00! but online is  $19.80. Adore the shape to this poncho! $26.90
This is so on my Wishlist! Btw let me know if you want me to do a blog post on my wish list items! $44.83
These are just a ways you can wear neutrals in a fun way without having to add bright colors! Tell me what you think about this trend!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Away, Bedroom themes and Peace Tea!

Hey, so sorry I have been away for a little bit but I have been moving in to my new apartment! I most likely won't be posting till the middle of this week, when my roommate and I get our wireless set up! But I will be checking post comments anf following you guys! Also I have a big favor to askk! I am going to start decorating next week and I want to know what are some cute themes that I could do my room in?! Something cute but not too ordinary! I would love to here your ideas in the comments below I will be checking and keeping you guys updated via my phone! So I can't wait to hear all your ideas so,I guess I will ttyl!:)
Oh I almost forgot about Peace Tea well they sell these pretty big size cans of this Peace Tea brand of Ice Tea at my local CVS and I am in love with the Sweet Lemon Tea! Ever tried this brand?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Anchors Away, China Glaze Collection

Not only is Nautical a theme for clothes this season its also being used to inspire nail polish colors. China Glaze came out with their Anchors Away nail polish collection which is 12 colors inspired by sailors and the sea:) I am really loving these colors for spring!
Out of the collection I have four favorites which I will do reviews on if requested. First mate which is the navy blue color, Hey Sailor which is a pinkish redish color, Starboard which is a medium green color and Below deck which is a purple mauve color. I am considering getting one more because I love the collection soo much! I am stuck between three colors and I will leave it up to you guys what color I should get between Pelican Gray, Sea Spray and Sunset Sail? Leave your comments below!

Spring Trend: Bangles

This season must have arm candy is bangles! Especially the big bulky bangles in array  of colors that go from nudes to bright bold colors! This spring bangles are becoming a statement piece so, you can wear a simple outfit this dress it up with some chunky bangles to give outfit a little dazzle! Don't worry though you don't have to get rid of your thin bangles you can mix them with your chunky bangles to make the perfect look. Also bangles also work to add a pop of color to a neutral look.

Of course when I went shopping and did some online shopping I had to pick up a few bangles to add to my collection! So, the first two are ones that I got and the others are ones that I found to be really cute but just didn't get!
Because I don't really wear super bright colors other than a bright yellow or green I didn't want to get a lot of bright colored bangles even though that is a trend this spring. I found these and thought that this was a perfect compromise. These bangles have pretty light colors that will add a color pop to an outfit but a more soft elegant look.

I love these gold and ivory bangles because they use a few chunky bangles with the thin ones for a nice classy look or a everyday look.
This red Marc Jacobs bangle would make the perfect color pop to an outfit and also can be paired with other bangles

 Dasha Print Bangle $45
Forever 21 $5.80
Forever 21 $6.80 

Here are just some bangles that I thought were some good finds or were really cute! Make sure that you keep your eye out for some good bangles to wear this season! Send me the the links to some of your favorite bangles or ones that are really cute and take a look at my poll!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Trend: Nautical Chic

 This spring season bring back one of my all time favorite styles Nautical! Nautical Chic is all about Stripes and rope drawstrings a little bit netting and add some ruffles! The colors are all dark navy blues, whites, reds, blacks, grays, gold and brass. A great way to wear this look is to mix and match stripes  with plain colors or to just simply use the colors and add a anchor necklace for that Nautical Chic look.

$29.99 Charlotte Russe
I just ordered this! I think I might add a red or white belt to it! What do you think?

$24.50 Charlotte Russe
Love this bag and since the Lady Bag is back in style I just had to have it. Plus it a great price!
Even though this black and white you can still make it very navy looking. By adding anchor earrings or Red or Blue wedges is what I am going to try or even switching the belt!

Forever 21 $24.80
Ok, so this one isn't very nautical but it had that sea enchanting maiden look so I had to have it:p if you have any ideas on how I should wear it let me know:)

Forever 21 $19.80
I didn't get this one but it is very cute!
Betsey Johnson $45.50
I was so glad I got this for my Birthday from my Best friend who knows how much I love all things Nautical !!

My last favorite Nautical Chic is this American Eagle Anchor Ring for $12
 What are your  favorite Nautical Chic items? Post links below and Make sure to take my poll!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Clean and Clear Morning Burst Scrub

 I know this product has been out for a while but I just got into it and I think it is really really wonderful! I like to use this on days when I am just going to be staying in and not going anywhere like a sundays which I dedicate to school work. The first time I used this I really did not expect much from it. I don't know why but I thought that it was just like  an ordinary skin cleanser. But it totally blew me away with the quality of the product! First the scent totally does wake you up and not in a harsh bad way but in a good way it smells like citrus. The the scrub is very gentle for the morning that it does not irritate your skin.

The best thing about this product is the final finish! My face felt so soft and smooth after using this I was so amazed . I don't know what this really does for acne and breakouts but it does leave your face feeling fresh and awakened. I would really recommend this product if you love the feeling of a fresh face!
What are your clean and clear favorites?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Makeup Swap!?

Hey, I have been reading all of my subscribers and many others blogs and have been finding out about a whole lot of makeup brands that I have never heard of or do not sell in the U.S.A. or near me. There are also brands in the U.S.A. that aren't in other countries and I thought it would be a good idea to do a makeup swap with people from different parts of the world or country! So if your interested just comment below with a way of contacting you or contact me at

Favorite Prom Eyeshadows

Prom can start to add up with the dress, shoes, accessories getting your hair done and other items. One way to save is to do your own makeup! Here are some really good makeup palettes and products to help you look your best on your prom night!

As mentioned in my favorite purples post I think that NYX cosmetics makes some great palettes that would be perfect for prom.
Smokey Look Kit $13.00
These kits come in few different colors and are really nice because they also come with 2 lip colors.
One Night In Morocco $15.00
This would be perfect for a soft and elegant look

 all the above can be found at
Milani Runway Eyes Fashion Shadows in Glamorous Gems $6.99
This is perfect for a golden or emerald look or both!
Covergirl Queen Collection Blue Notes
These pretty blues can give you a great smokey
eye or just a simple pop of color.


L'Oreal HiP Studio Secrets Professional Crystal Shadow Duo Mystical
Great for that smokey Cinderella blue eye.
Sugar Cosmetics I Dream of Sugar palette
This has an array of perfect light creamy shades to make a colorful tasteful and elegant lool

Here are just some Palettes, Quads, Trios and duos that I think are great find to make a really nice prom look. The great thing about these are that you don't have to spend a lot of money on every individual color. They are also all able to be found at the drugstore that way you aren't spending a lot of money on colors you may not wear again.

Let me know what are you prom secret tips to applying and wearing makeup to prom! and don't forget to check out and vote on the poll!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Favorite Prom Accessories

This is a part of my Prom Theme Post series since it is prom season. Here are some Accessories that will be perfect to wear on your prom evening to help add that extra touch to your look! These are inexpensive pieces so you can save your money for other things because I know that prom can get pretty costly!  Also make sure to check out the poll!

Hair Accessories

$3.80 Forever 21

Add a little bit of floral with this sparkly and pearl fabric flower head-wrap

 $2.80 Forever 21
Pink pearls to make your hair have that elegant touch

$2.50 Forever 21
Golden flower hair pins to keep your in place.


$14.80 Forever 21
Feel luxurious in the crystal theme necklace

$24.80 Forever 21
A nice mix of gold and pearls!

$9.80 Forever 21


$5.80 Forever 21

$8.80 Forever 21

$7.80 Forever 21


$4.80 Forever 21

$4.80 Forever 21

$4.80 Forever 21

$4.80 Forever 21


All the above are $4.50 Forever 21

$12.50 Charlotte Russe $9.50 Charlotte Russe