Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Trend: Bangles

This season must have arm candy is bangles! Especially the big bulky bangles in array  of colors that go from nudes to bright bold colors! This spring bangles are becoming a statement piece so, you can wear a simple outfit this dress it up with some chunky bangles to give outfit a little dazzle! Don't worry though you don't have to get rid of your thin bangles you can mix them with your chunky bangles to make the perfect look. Also bangles also work to add a pop of color to a neutral look.

Of course when I went shopping and did some online shopping I had to pick up a few bangles to add to my collection! So, the first two are ones that I got and the others are ones that I found to be really cute but just didn't get!
Because I don't really wear super bright colors other than a bright yellow or green I didn't want to get a lot of bright colored bangles even though that is a trend this spring. I found these and thought that this was a perfect compromise. These bangles have pretty light colors that will add a color pop to an outfit but a more soft elegant look.

I love these gold and ivory bangles because they use a few chunky bangles with the thin ones for a nice classy look or a everyday look.
This red Marc Jacobs bangle would make the perfect color pop to an outfit and also can be paired with other bangles

 Dasha Print Bangle $45
Forever 21 $5.80
Forever 21 $6.80 

Here are just some bangles that I thought were some good finds or were really cute! Make sure that you keep your eye out for some good bangles to wear this season! Send me the the links to some of your favorite bangles or ones that are really cute and take a look at my poll!


  1. The second bangle is really cute!

  2. Gorgeous bangles! All of them. I just got a great set from Charlotte Russe.

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