Monday, March 14, 2011

Look Cute at the Gym

As springtime approaches and warm weather is right around the corner we can start working out outside and getting in shape for the summer bathing suits! Personally I know that I like to look put together all the time even if I am just going to the gym to workout. I also know that it is really hard to look cute wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Luckily I found this site which has a lot of cute women's gym clothes. Here are some of the items that I have ordered and some that I just think are really cute!
 White Prowl- $49.00

 Printed Chakra Tank-$54.00

Printed Momentum Bra Cup Dress- $74.00

Swagger Skort- $49.00
isn't this soo cute, to workout in!
Ultra kalani by Zoot-$140.00
 Ruched Duffel Bag by Ellington-$89.00
Love this gym bag!

I simply think that all this stuff is great. Some of it can be a bit expensive but it is not only just fashionable but still it is good quality workout clothes and items! I would for sure invest in at least one or two items from this site to make your workout wardrobe a little bit more fashionable!

What do you do to look cute at the gym? and don't forget to take my poll!

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  1. I dont go to the gym as im im a lazy ass but this is great inspo for my physical education lessons :D xxx