Sunday, November 6, 2011

Nail Color I am Loving CQ-Slate

I know we always think that we have found the best nail polish color in the world right? But honestly I feel as if I am always finding new colors that I swear that I will die with out. So when browsing through my local CVS and saw Slate by CQ in its cute little bottle I could not pass it up. Of course I had to convince my self that since it was the last by left of that color that if I didn't get it now I would never find this deep but bold dark green. Plus since it was only like $3.00, so how could I say no??! Sadly this nail polish sat on my desk for about three weeks even though I thought that I would die without it. But finally I put this nail polish on and it is even prettier than I expected the color is so unique its hard to explain. Trust me though it is beautiful and I have been getting compliments on it all week!
Ok, now that that you have seen it you must say that it is breath taking! Ok, yeah I know its just nail polish but for a nail polish it is really cute:)


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall Loves

Yeah, its been awhile...but its like every time I stop blogging I miss it! Since fall is here and winter is approaching my favorite seasons for all things beauty and fabulous! I must dish out on some of my favorite things this season!

The first being Oxfords!!!

Ok first I don’t know what it is about these cute little 1800’s england mens shoes that I find so amazing but I love them. Mainly because they add a little edge of masculinity and femininity at the same time! I don’t maybe I am crazy but i just adore wearing these with a boho chic top and some leggings! Or perhaps its because I am not a big sneaker person and this is just a fine alternative for a shoe. Whatever the reason maybe it had in the shoe store for millions of hours trying on every pair!

Sheer tops!
Ok so I know your thinking sheer tops...umm a bit scandalous for fall..  Well think again worn correctly with a nice camisole a sheer top in beautiful fall color can be stunning! Please don’t think I am referring to some tight see through shirt that you may or may not have seen some wicked women wearing on a corner of a bad neighborhood. I talking about a nice flowing shirt that helps capture a boho gypsy kinda of feel. I will be terribly sad when the weather turns cold and I will have to retire my flowy sheer tops but until then they are a must in my wardrobe!

Oversized sweaters!

Yeah Yeah I know its still a bit warm outside for winter but umm who doesn’t like preparing early? I am in love with the idea this season of being able to be comfy in winter but still fabulous at the same! So of course when I see sweaters on sale I am picking mine up in a size larger than I need so that i may wear it with a pair of dark or even light leggings with a chunky jeweled necklaces!

Dark Colors with a pop of another dark color!

Fall and winter are my favorite because I love being in dark colors such as blacks navys grays etc. But this winter what I am really looking forward to is wearing these dark colors then adding a a pop of a dark purple or green. I am have foreverrr been on a search for cute affordable dark green handbag but so far no luck!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Want Loveable Hair!

Every girl wants their hair to look great at all times! Yet, we know that it is nearly impossible for your hair to be perfect all the time and to do what you ask of it. Trust me, I know! I have tried nearly everything to get my hair to be perfectly pin straight or to be curled just the right  way and have the right bounce to it. Even if I do get my hair to be perfect the way I like it, I end up doing a lot of damage to my hair:(

Not Anymore I have found three inexpensive products that work fantastic and does wonders to protect and style your hair. I wont babble anymore about what they are I am just going to tell you!

TREsemme Heat Tamer Spray
I am almost speechless about this product because it is just that good! What is it? Well its a spray that protects your hair from all the bad things that us ladies do to our hair. Like Curling and using a flat iron on our hair. This spray keeps the heat from damaging our hair while keeping it strong and healthy. What I really like about this is that it also makes your hair soft and manageable after you wash your hair. This spray is a MUST have if you are constantly doing your hair like I am and it is very affordable!

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Straight Fixation
For all the lovely ladies with the straight hair this is the product for you! This smoothing creme is meant to help keep away the frizz and provide you with the straight hair for at least 24 hours! I used this and was amazed and not because my hair was straight (my hair usually stays straight just from using the flat iron) but because it got rid of all my fly aways and frizz! It also is meant to be applied before you blow dry your hair so it isn't sticky or flaky to your hair at all. The best thing is one medium size tube can last for a while because a small amount works miracles for my hair. I am not too sure if it really keeps your hair straight because mine usually is but if it does you will have to let me know!

Herbal Essences Tousle me Softly
If your a curly girl try this product! Its like a hairspray but more of a spritz that doesn't leave your hair feeling all stiff and well gross! It helps define your natural waves and curls while leaving your hair feeling soft and manageable. The plus is the smell is enticing!

Dolls let me know what are your must have hair products!
as always, till next time

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Few Favorites!

So Hello! Long time no post!:( Sad I know right but as my first official post back into the blogging world I thought I would catch you lovely people up on all the wonderful things I have been loving! There realy are not many makeup items because I don't really wear to much make up in the summer. Seeing as I have oily skin makeup and the summer city heat = disaster! But I have really been into nail polishes to the point that its a crazy obsession! But you can never have enough though right? Well I am just gonna let you guys know what a couple of my favorites have been!
Sinful Colors Envy
This color is something that everyone should totally be envious of! I just about adore this dark shade of green. I was so glad when I came upon this brand in my local Rite Aid for only $1.99. Yes, you heard right this little wonder is very inexpensive! The color goes on smooth and is perfect in just two coats and if you don't believe me just have to try it out your self!

CQ Mint Green

I guess its pretty obvious I was feeling the color green because I just fell in love with this tiny little jewel when I saw it on the self! I am crazy about how light and subtle the color is but it still stands out and the nail polish itself stayed on with out chips for a long time. Quite impressive! I will for sure be doing a review on this brand once I get a pretty nice collection but I will say for now this polish is simply lovely!

Now I know I could go on and on and on and well on..about nail polishes but I want to mention a couple other things that I am madly in love with!

Dial Antioxidant Cranberry Body Wash
In case you didn't know I am pretty much a cranberry juice addict to put it simply. It is like the only juice I keep in my house! So, when dial came out with there Antioxidant Cranberry soap bars I was soo sad because I never use bar soap! But I wanted to so bad and it smelled absolutely fabulous I almost could not resist it! Luckily for me they came out with it in liquid form so that now I drench my loofah in this fantastic soap! Besides the fact that it is probably the best smelling body wash it also contains moisturizers to help keep your skin from feeling and looking dried out which is an amazing plus!

Bali Mango Body Lotion
I know most people never really go through life thinking wouldn't it me amazing if I smelled like a fruit but for some reason I really love fruity scents. Of course when I can across this fruity mango smelling lotion at Bath and Body works I knew it was right for me. It is very moisturizing but  can be a little bit sticky in summer heat! but other then that it is heaven!

Ahh there are so many new things that I can rant about but I am just gonna leave it at that because I am going to go paint my nails! Please let me know what are some of your favorite fall colored nail polishes!
as always xoxo

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Let's Just Say its been Forever!

Ok, so I know it has been a while since my last blog post:( But if you had been following me on twitter you would have known that I was moving into a new apartment which I totally love and starting a new job and still taking my classes! So things got very crazy for a little bit but so you know I am back and I have soooo much to post about! I can't wait to catch up on some of my favorite blogs and to read some new ones! I would also like to think everyone for the their comments and emails! Loved them and I am working on returning each and everyone of them!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Favorite Spring Nail Polishes

Springtime is here and it is time to get more spring spirited! One way to do this is to dazzle your nails in some amazing spring colors to make you feel more new and fresh and done with cold winter. I went through my entire nail polish collection and picked out just a few that I thought were spring appropriate. Although I myself often break the rules and wear winter and fall colors through out spring and summer because I love them so much. I still wear many spring and summer light and bright colors.
O.P.I Megawatt?!
I think that this the perfect spring light gold/yellow toned nail polish. It fits its name perfectly because it has an amazing gold illuminating glow to it!
N.Y.C. Cashmere Creme
This beautiful baby blue is great because of its light color that reminds me of Easter and spring!
China Glaze Secret Peri-Wink-le
Love this blue/purple color that is so unique that it bound to make people notice! For more information on this China Glaze Secret Peri-Wink-le
Pure Ice Honey Do
Since of this springs hottest colors is honeysuckle I had to add this gorgeous honey color! Wanna Know more about this polish? Pure Ice Honey Do
N.Y.C. Glitzy Grape Glitter
I don't know why they call this a grape color when it is a refreshing light pink! Either way it is still very pretty!
Salley Hansen Lavender
A great duo-chromed lavender nail polish!

NYX Girls Perfect Gray
The image would not come up for some odd reason but trust me it is worth checking out it is my favorite color out of all these. If you want to see the color and more information on it

What are some of your favorite spring nail polishes? Let me know if you want me to do my favorite nail polishes in general?

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wet n Wild Color Icon

I have been dying to tryout some Wet n Wild products so when I noticed that they were on sale I of course had to get a few things! Its about time that I finally try some of the Wet n Wild brand as I have been reading on many of yours and other bloggers blog about how great the colors were so I was really excited to tryout this brand myself! When I saw the products I thought I would pick some from their newer collection Color Icon. I got a couple of items that I must agree with those who have tried out Wet n Wild and loved the product.

Knock on Wood $2.99 General Stores, Drugstores
These eye shadows instantly became my new love! The eyelid color looks great with my skin tone and is a pretty spring color that makes me look and feel really pretty! It is also a dark marron with hints of pink undertones that make it easily worn for a day look. Secondly I love the crease color being a nice dark deep brown that paired with the maroon eyelid color looks stunning and really fits the name Knock on wood because it does remind me of dark forest/woods colors! The third amazing thing that did shock me even though I had already read about how amazingly pigmented the colors were was the pigmentation. The colors are truly really pigmented and it shocked me because the product was so inexpensive! 

Although, I really do like this product I will have to be honest and say that the eye shadows can be a little powdery but its not to bad but it was something that I noticed. One thing that I didn't like about the eye shadows was that all of the colors are shimmery or have flecks of sparkles in them. I personally like to mix matte eye shadows with shimmery ones. I like having a matte crease color over a shimmery one but even still the product is still amazing and I will be purchasing another trio!

I was really interested in trying out different color eyeliners other than black or brown. Since I was getting other Wet n Wild products I thought I would tryout a few of theirs because the products were so inexpensive that if I tried one out and didn't like it I wouldn't lose to much money.

First I thought i would get a nice deep purple/maroon eyeliner to go along with the Knock on Wood Trio. But this wasn't the right color to go with the trio but still really pretty

I also brought out the Wet n Wild Eyeliner in Green because I thought for spring and summer it would cool to do a simple eye with this pop of green on the lower lashline! Anyone else plan on doing something similar?

What are your favorite Wet n Wild Products?

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