Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pure Ice Honey Do

I picked this brand Pure Ice at Walmart and this color Honey Do caught my attention! it was such a sweet and pretty Honeysuckle color and I couldn't resist buying it because it was only around $3!

I was really excited to paint my nails with this color and it came out looking good! The color was perfect , and just what I had wanted. Sadly with in a day the nail polish chipped easily and I had to repaint them. This is a good color and nail polish but it chips really easily but it was worth it for the price that I paid. i would recommend this for the color only and if your the type of person who has the time to make little touch ups! If you hate when your nails chip then this is not for you.

I would love to hear if you have tried this brand and if you like it! Because I am moving to a apartment and I was thinking maybe it chipped because of all the things I was handling. Also if you have any cute room themes please let me know because i am going to be redecorating my room!


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  2. Hey, thanks for stopping my blog! Liking yours too. :) I'll have to try out this brand the next time I'm in the USA! xx