Thursday, March 3, 2011

Beauty Tips for a Bright Smile

Due to my trip to the dentist today, it made me realize how important are teeth are to our appearance. It inspired me to do this blog on how I keep my teeth white and bright and some tips that you can use to brighten up your smile!

While I was at the dentist I questioned my dentist on if there was a special type of toothbrush that I need to use to keep my teeth even cleaner. I was informed that as long as your teeth are in good shape and you don't have any braces or anything of that matter that a regular toothbrush does just as good of a job as a electrical one! Therefore if your teeth are pretty healthy I say you save money and just invest in a good hand toothbrush or check with your dentist on what type of toothbrush is good for you. I usually just pick a cute soft brushed Colgate or Crest toothbrush. All of these brushes are normally under $4.

When it comes to toothpaste you want to really think about what are your teeth concerns. If it be sensitive teeth or bad breath. Make sure you find the toothpaste that is just right for you. I tend to go for a complete toothpaste that helps whiten, protect and make make my teeth stronger. I am currently using Crest Vivid White which I really like and can tell that it is removing stains from my teeth and whitening them at the same time. It doesn't really have much of a kinda taste like a light I really don't feel as if it helps with bad breath. So if this your problem this may not be the product for you. I do prefer it over the Colgate Advanced Whitening which I used for a few months and noticed no change on my teeth. I would recommend the Crest Vivid White I have only been using it for 13 days and I can see a major difference!
A lot of people may forget to floss but it is very very important to getting into those places where a toothbrush just doesn't reach. It also gets out germs and anything else that may be caught in between your teeth. The germs, bacteria and debris can cause bad breath and gingivitis. So make sure you pick up some floss and floss at once a day. Also make sure that you do it gently as you do not want to harm your gums. I like to use Oral-b Satin floss which is a nice silk like feeling floss that allows you to go gently in between your teeth with out harming your teeth or gums.
Just like toothpaste there are many types of mouthwash, you can get ones for breath, the health of your teeth or whitening. I like to use one for whitening just to keep my smile bright! I use the Crest Whitening Rinse which also leaves your breath smelling great and fresh.

Ok, so once you have your teeth healthy and white, you wanna keep them that way. So, try and avoid teeth staining foods! But that is hard because we all love coffee and sodas that may stain our teeth. There is one way to protect your teeth when drinking drinks that will stain your teeth and that is to use a straw that way the liquid doesn't wash over the front of your teeth.

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  1. Oh well, it's great for you to understand the importance of having all-out teeth protection. Although you are a coffee-lover, you can still have quality teeth if you do all of these. :)