Monday, March 14, 2011

Favorite Prom Accessories

This is a part of my Prom Theme Post series since it is prom season. Here are some Accessories that will be perfect to wear on your prom evening to help add that extra touch to your look! These are inexpensive pieces so you can save your money for other things because I know that prom can get pretty costly!  Also make sure to check out the poll!

Hair Accessories

$3.80 Forever 21

Add a little bit of floral with this sparkly and pearl fabric flower head-wrap

 $2.80 Forever 21
Pink pearls to make your hair have that elegant touch

$2.50 Forever 21
Golden flower hair pins to keep your in place.


$14.80 Forever 21
Feel luxurious in the crystal theme necklace

$24.80 Forever 21
A nice mix of gold and pearls!

$9.80 Forever 21


$5.80 Forever 21

$8.80 Forever 21

$7.80 Forever 21


$4.80 Forever 21

$4.80 Forever 21

$4.80 Forever 21

$4.80 Forever 21


All the above are $4.50 Forever 21

$12.50 Charlotte Russe $9.50 Charlotte Russe


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  2. Cute things!!!

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  3. Forever 21 has some cute things in, they not long ago brought the shop over here in the UK and im in love with it already. :)

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