Thursday, March 10, 2011

Beauty Tips for Healthy Nails

Don't you just hate when you see people with the perfect looking nails or after you get a manicure your nails look fabulous and you wish that your nails would stay like that forever! Well here are some tips that I use to keep my nails looking healthy, natural, and beautiful!

First make sure your nails stay hydrated by applying a lotion with Vitamin E or use petroleum jelly at night and rub it into your nails. A great hand lotion that I use to keep my nails healthy is the Curel Fast Absorbing Hand and Cuticle lotion.
This lotion is about $5-$7 at drugstores and general stores. What I like about it is that it is good for your hands, nails and cuticles and leaves your hands feeling soft. It also is fast absorbing so you don't have to spend a lot of time rubbing it into your hands.

When pushing your cuticle back make sure that you do so at least a 45 degree angle doing any other way can cause severe damage to the cuticle which will damage your nails

When it comes to filing I know I always see people filing their nails back and forth instead of in one direction which is the right way. Never file back and forth but always in one direction.
Never file your nails after you have washed your hands or got out the shower. Water softens the nail making them easier to break or have uneven cuts.

Buy a Nail Buffer! Not only does this bring out the natural shine in your nails but it also creates stimulation that can cause your nails to grow faster and healthier.
Buffers such as this one can be brought at beauty stores and general stores $2-$4
When doing household chores wear rubber gloves to protect your nails from damage. Always dry your nails and never them wet this can create fungus.

Please let me know any of your Healthy Nail tips in the comments section



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