Saturday, March 12, 2011

Faulty Finds: E.L.F. Sun-Kissed Bronzer

E.L.F. is a very inexpensive makeup brand that I normally love being able to find dupes and some products that are just as good or better that name brand cosmetics(Let me know if you want a review on some E.L.F. dupes and products). Although recently I was disappointed when I purchased the Sun Kissed Bronzer.

The first thing I noticed that I did not like was that the product was very dusty and powdery. This was a bad sign for the bronzer but I decided to give it chance anyway and just made sure that I tapped my brush well. When I applied the bronzer it did not blend well at all! It basically would not blend out it looked like I had orange tinted spots on face. I really had to keep going over it to blend it out and finally I got it to look even and blended. Now if your willing to put a lot of effort to blending the product then it would be a bronzer for you. I on the other really don't like to do that much work to apply makeup. I will still continue to by E.L.F products because a lot of them are great products although this one was really a let down.

What E.L.F products are your favorite or have you found to be a faulty find?


  1. I love most elf stuff too, but like you ive found myself being disapointed in some of there products >:( like i got this nail varnish the other day it looked like it had leaked out the rid *shakes head* its not on, sort it out elf!! xx

    thanks for follwing my blog :D!!
    im returnning the favour :P xx

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  3. I have never tried elf products. I like to use Mac makeup and have been using their bronzed recently. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!
    I hope you stop by again soon!

  4. I tried the "All Over Color Stick," supposed to be an all-in-one cream eyeshadow/blush/lipstick...the color reminded me of a "play" lipstick I had when I was little :( But I do really love their blush/bronzer duo :D

  5. It complements my skin tone beautifully and so far I have had no problem blending it in. Plus I love using it as a subtle highlighter for my eyes. I love it!