Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Purse Must Haves: Organization and Basics

I know that I carry soo much stuff in my purse its a wonder that I don't topple over from the weight of it all:p But when it comes to my purse I know that I need to keep my purse organized because otherwise I would lost everything in it! As hard I try to minimize the amount of items in my purse I find it so hard to take things out to lighten my bag. But finally I feel as if I have the basics that I need to carry with me and a good way to keep everything organized! These are all the things that you would carry in a day bag to school, class, work and shopping.

What type of Bag?
I would suggest using a medium size handbag, satchel or hobo bag. Although using a hobo bag will give you less structure.

This bag is $30.00 at Forever 21 and is perfect because it gives you the option of carrying it on your arm or over your shoulder.

Wallets and Organizational Cosmetic Bags 
Your going to want wallet that is long in length and has lots of pockets to put your credit cards

 $7.80 Forever 21
It provides plenty of pockets for credit cards and also has a zippered coin pocket so that your change does not come out of the wallet and clutter your your purse.

These are Cosmetic bags from for around $3.00
I like to use these not only to carry my makeup but to organize other items in my purse. I use different colors for different items and this also keeps things from just floating around in your purse. They are also superrr cute:) You will need 3

TIME TO Organize!
First you will need to take one of the cosmetic bags and fill it with your makeup and beauty products. You don't need to carry your whole makeup collection just a few items.
Pressed powder Compact, Mascara, Eyeliner Lip Balm, Tinted Lip gloss/lipstick, Blush, 1 basic eyeshadow, Oil sheets, Mini perfume, Two bobby pins and two hair ties.

In the Second cosmetic bag you are going to fill with 1 pen, 2 pencils, 1 highlighter, flash drive, calculator, Checkbook, and Mini notepad

In the last cosmetic bag you are going to put in a small container of Tylenol that I add a Midol and allergy medicine in the same container (just make sure that the pills are different colors and shapes so you don't confuse them) Small travel size comb, Small deodorant/towelette, two tampons/pads, tide to go pen, hand lotion and sanitizer.

Now you can place your wallet and the cosmetic bags within your purse without clutter and have everything organized.

I also keep my pone and ipod in the normal two pockets on the inside of the purse and my gum/mints in the zippered pocket.

I hope that this helps you guys out, tell me about any of your organizing or purse must haves!


  1. You are so right! It's funny I have told my friends to do the same thing. I keep my things separated with cosmetic bags too! That way I can change handbags alot! I have a ton! Nice site! I like the runway models! Keep up the good work...don't give up! Found you through fellow blogger...Ashley Borysewich. If you want to check out my would be great!
    XO Carrie

  2. Thanks Doll:) and I will deff me checking it out:)

  3. thats is i brilliant idea!! I'm always digging around in my bag for 20 minutes trying to find something. will definitely give this a go...and i need a new bag, my old one has holes in the lining so all my stuff keeps on disappearing:)