Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Victoria Secret Scents Pure Seduction and Love Spell

Victoria Secret offers a wide choice of amazing scents and they sell some of my favorite perfumes and body washes! I love the fact that you can your favorite scent in 4 different ways: Body spray, Perfume, Lotion and body wash. My favorite line of scents is the Victoria Secret is the Secret Garden Scents! I love that these scents have a fruity and floral smell that is absolutely amazing. The second most amazing thing is that Victoria Secret sells the Secret Garden line 3 for $24 or 5 for $30 or $9 for 1 which is very inexpensive for the great scents! The third great thing is(this how much I love this product that it has 3 great/amazing things about it!) all the scents are sold in mini sizes for travel and for your purse! I love this idea because instead of carrying around the huge bottle in your purse you can just purchase the mini and save room!
Pure Seduction is my all time favorite scent!!! It smells soo sweet and fruity!

This great scent is Love Spell and a very refreshing lite sweet floral smell that is perfect for a spring time scent!

What are some of your favorite Scents? I am going to get a new scent tell me what one you think I should get!!


  1. Pure Seduction is my all time fav. every time they do the deal 7 for 35 dollars at the store here i get 5 of the sprays and 2 lotions.