Sunday, March 20, 2011

Away, Bedroom themes and Peace Tea!

Hey, so sorry I have been away for a little bit but I have been moving in to my new apartment! I most likely won't be posting till the middle of this week, when my roommate and I get our wireless set up! But I will be checking post comments anf following you guys! Also I have a big favor to askk! I am going to start decorating next week and I want to know what are some cute themes that I could do my room in?! Something cute but not too ordinary! I would love to here your ideas in the comments below I will be checking and keeping you guys updated via my phone! So I can't wait to hear all your ideas so,I guess I will ttyl!:)
Oh I almost forgot about Peace Tea well they sell these pretty big size cans of this Peace Tea brand of Ice Tea at my local CVS and I am in love with the Sweet Lemon Tea! Ever tried this brand?

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  1. pink pearls and roses (is my personal styling opinion). depends on what you like. lots of white, no clutter and nice smelling. lots of pillows, comfortable and cozy