Friday, March 11, 2011

Favorite Body Lotions

I have recently been using a few scented body lotions that I adore and thought I would let you guys in on these great products!
Paris Hilton Just Me Body Lotion $23.50
I really like this lotion because it smells so unique! In a weird but good way it smells like soap with a hint of fruity fragrance! It is a bit strong so you only need to use just a little bit of this because you don't want to overdo it. It is not really a creamy formula but a silky one so it leaves your skin feeling light, silky and fresh. I personally like to wear this lotion for I go out at night because the smell is so unique and pretty that I get compliments on it. This is a must have scent for date night:)!

Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Lotion Bath and Body Works $10.50
This scent is my favorite! I use almost everyday it smells so exotic and fresh! It has scents from Japanese Cherry Blossom, Vanilla Rice,  Oriental woods, and Mimosa Petals. What I love about this lotion is that it is soft  and delicate scent but it also has this exotic kick to it that makes it so interesting almost like a hint of cinnamon. It is a cream formula that leaves your skin hydrated and feeling creamy smooth and soft! This my everyday scent because it is not to strong and can still be mixed with a perfume and not smell weird! Out of all the lotions this is must have or any of the Bath and Body Works lotions because they are all exceptional!

Drenched in Pink Fresh & Clean Supersoft Body Lotion Victoria Secret $12
The name is exactly right! This lotion is hydrating and leaves your skin feeling supersoft! If you like fresh scents or scents that remind you of "just getting out of the shower fresh" then this is the product for you! There are really no other words to describe it then it smells fresh and clean. A perfect scent for just hanging out with your friends and relaxing!

What are some of your favorite Body lotions?

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