Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Trend: Nautical Chic

 This spring season bring back one of my all time favorite styles Nautical! Nautical Chic is all about Stripes and rope drawstrings a little bit netting and add some ruffles! The colors are all dark navy blues, whites, reds, blacks, grays, gold and brass. A great way to wear this look is to mix and match stripes  with plain colors or to just simply use the colors and add a anchor necklace for that Nautical Chic look.

$29.99 Charlotte Russe
I just ordered this! I think I might add a red or white belt to it! What do you think?

$24.50 Charlotte Russe
Love this bag and since the Lady Bag is back in style I just had to have it. Plus it a great price!
Even though this black and white you can still make it very navy looking. By adding anchor earrings or Red or Blue wedges is what I am going to try or even switching the belt!

Forever 21 $24.80
Ok, so this one isn't very nautical but it had that sea enchanting maiden look so I had to have it:p if you have any ideas on how I should wear it let me know:)

Forever 21 $19.80
I didn't get this one but it is very cute!
Betsey Johnson $45.50
I was so glad I got this for my Birthday from my Best friend who knows how much I love all things Nautical !!

My last favorite Nautical Chic is this American Eagle Anchor Ring for $12
 What are your  favorite Nautical Chic items? Post links below and Make sure to take my poll!


  1. the blue bag is very beautiful..
    good choice to order it!


  2. Great picks! Especially love that ring.

  3. Nice choices

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  4. Ha.. that's true cuz when i did the nautical post you commented, that's funny. :)

  5. Cute blog! I'm a follower now. Please check out my blog. :)