Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Purse Must Haves: Overnight Bag

I like to always have my overnight bag basically packed so that when I ever I find out that I am going somewhere for a night sleepover or going to a friends house last minute I like to be able to just grab my bag and go. These are some must have items that I use in my overnight bag so that I am prepared for whatever may happen when I am not home.

Betsey Johnson Bag
I like to use a Betsey Johnson large bag to pack all my stuff in because they can fit a lot and because they are also stylish at the same time.

I normally don't have clothes packed in my bag to wear out. I usually will do this before I leave because I like to plan what I am going to wear according to the occasion. What I do pack is the basics: pair of PJ bottoms, Shorts, Cami, T-Shirt, Underwear, Bra, Socks. I like to bring bottoms and shorts just in case where I go may be cold or it may be warm and I like the option.

What I normally do is buy the little travel size bottles that can be brought at about any dollar store or general store and fill those with my skin care products.

By using the little containers this allows me to bring a lot of products for my skin. You, do not have to pack all the products that I use just bring what you need. I am very particular about my skin so I like to bring everything I need. What I fill into the small containers are: Facial scrub, Toner, Cream Skin Cleanser, Makeup remover pads, Acne lotion. I put all these into a ziplock bag that way I can carry it all to the bathroom. Another item I place within the bag is a wash cloth because I have found through experience that some people actually don't use them. So, I like to be prepared and bring my own.

Body and Oral care
In another ziplock bag I keep these Items: Toothbrush in a toothbrush case, Toothpaste, Mini body wash, Body lotion, Travel size shaving cream, Razor, Mini comb and brush, deodorant and feminine products.

I keep all my basic cosmetics in my cosmetic bag: Foundation, mascara, eyeshadow trio, eye liner, lip gloss. The products change depending on what I am using or what products I am into at the time. If you want to know the specific products that I have in my bag now just let me know 

Packing Time
Here's some tips to save some space when packing an overnight bag. I roll all bottoms and tops so that I can save space and not have to stack them on top of each other. I also keep everything in the plastic bags so that things are not loose in the bag and is easier to remove. Place all these items in your bag so that when you find out you have to go somewhere all you have to pack are your day clothes and you are ready to go! Also if possible buy an extra phone charger  and keep it into your bag that way you don't have to keep unplugging your home charger


  1. LOVE your overnight bag!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog : )


  2. Loved the bag, no one does leopard prints cuter than Betsey, the size seems so appropriate for a go to bag, the bigger the better!

    <3 Cess O.