Friday, April 1, 2011

Sunglasses for Your Face

Warm weather means more sun! Which means its time to protect your eyes and look stylish at the same time. Ever have that problem finding sunglasses that look good on you? That is because not all sunglasses look good on every face type. Therefore I thought I would give you guys some tips on how to pick sunglasses that enhance your beauty!
Square Faces!
For people who have square faces like actress Demi Moore you want to wear sunglasses that are oval or butterfly shaped and connect at the top of the frame. Try ones like these
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Oval Faces!
If you have an oval face like Beyonce then consider yourself lucky because you can pretty much wear all types of sunglasses because your face is very proportioned. But try square or rectangular shaped sunglasses. Like these

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Oblong Faces!
For people who have Oblong faces like Sex in the City star Sarah Jessica Parker, you want to wear sunglasses that are tall, broad and have decorative rims that add width to your face. Like these
Round Faces!
For people who have round faces similar to Cameron Diaz you want to stick to rectangular sunglasses that make your face look thinner!
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Diamond Shaped Faces!
People like Madonna who have a diamond shaped face want to make sure that they wear sunglasses that create a cat eye shape or are rimless. This helps highlight their cheekbones!
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Heart Shaped Faces!
For those who have heart shaped faces like Jennifer Aniston want to pick sunglasses that have frames that are bottom heavy that create widths to the lower half of the face

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Hope these tips help you find the perfect sunglasses! Tell me which styles are your favorite! Also make sure to vote in the Poll!


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