Thursday, April 14, 2011

Handbag Heaven

Handbags, purse, clutches and wallets they are all necessities to any fashion lover! So no matter how many bags I have I am always on the look out for more cute ones! I am also always trying to save money and not a big fan on spending hundreds of dollars on a bag. Although maybe one or twice a year I will give in and by one of my favorite designer bags but it would be too expensive to do that all year. I almost died when came across a website called Handbag Heaven. This website sells amazing purses for affordable prices and the quality of the bags is great. I have just recently made the purchase of this beautiful bag.
Sami Quilted Handbag $54.95
I adore this bag, the quilted pattern and gold chain and buckles are amazing together!

Now that I have ordered that beautiful piece of art! I thinking of getting another bag either to keep for  myself or as a birthday gift for a friend haven't decided yet. All depends if I find something else for my friend:p I am not sure which bag to get and I am trying to only buy one more!! So, I thought I would get suggestions from you guys! Let me know which one is your favorite or even what one is your least favorite! All suggestions are helpful!

Alexander Structured Shoulder Bag $44.95
This bag is very European looking to me which I really love that kind of style. It also has a sophisticated look and I think would be great for the summer when I do some internships!

Mary Jane Satchel $52.95
Yes, I know that this one is very plain. But, I noticed in my handbag collection I don't really have any gray handbags maybe one and this one caught  my attention because it was simple and classy.

Classic Quilted Shoulder Bag $54.95 just love the red! I actually don't own any red article of clothing. Just items that have accents of red on them because I don't believe red is my color but I think that this bag would be perfect for a pop of color when wearing a neutral outfit!

Montana Messenger Bag $49.95
To put it simply I just really like the dark green and the size of this bag. Its nothing like anything I have so I thought it would be a good choice.

Just tell  me in the comments which one you think I should get! If you check out the website tell me which one is your favorite and I will check it out:)

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  1. I Like Alexander Structured Shoulder Bag:)) Thanks for the great suggestions!!!!

  2. I am a handbag addict I will definetely have to check out this site!!

  3. thank you for this post, i look forward to checking out this site! i especially love the alexander and mary jane bags, so cute!

  4. These bags looks so great! thanks for sharing gonna check them out now:)
    Marusya V
    p.s. Nice blog - really liked it:)

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