Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Perfect Gray, NYX

NYX Girls Perfect Gray $2.00-$4.99
This wonderful stormy gray nail polish is true to its name, it is in fact the perfect gray! This was my first time applying and using a NYX nail polish and I instantly fell in love with this color. The application was easy and the nail polish glided on smoothly. The color was easily applied in two coats and it looked perfect.
This light stormy gray is perfect for spring especially if you are like me and still love your winter colors! This color is light, creamy and of course the perfect shade of gray for both spring and winter. I am totally in love with this creation by NYX. The packaging is simple but girly at the same time with the super shiny chrome top.

What are some of your favorite NYX colors or spring colors?
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  1. Oh I love!!
    Right now I'm wearing a color that resembles Tiffany's blue... it's fun for spring!

  2. Gorgeous color, I saw a color by Essie and it was just like this but had ethier a frost or shimmer finish, total wanna get this nail polish!