Sunday, April 24, 2011

Beauty Tips for Softer Hands

Taken off the winter gloves can be amazing and freeing but you want to make sure that you are taking off those gloves and reveling beautiful soft hands. Not, dry cracking hands. Since springtime is here and you are going to showing off your hands a more make sure that your hands are looking the best! These tips were inspired to help you get gorgeous hands that will be the envy of all and most of all they will be amazingly soft to touch. Your hands will look even more amazing if both your nails and hands look great for more information getting healthy nails Beauty Tips for Healthy Nails

1. Exfoliate
Just like any other part of your body, dead skin cells build up on the skin and can cause the skin to look dry. Also if you work with your hands a lot you can build calluses on your hand. The first step to getting beautiful hands is to exfoliate the skin. To remove all of the dry skin to reveal the healthier skin underneath it. A good and inexpensive way to exfoliate your hands is to mix sugar, lemon juice and a cream together and rub it into your hands till the sugar dissolves. You can do this 2-3 times a week. You can also find hand scrubs at beauty stores.

2. Moisturize
Always moisturize your hands after washing them or if the appear to dry. Keeping your hands moisturized will keep them from appearing dry and will also keep them feeling soft to the touch. It would be a good idea to invest in a lotion that is made just for hands.
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3. Washing
As you were told when you were younger washing your hands is essential to your healthy and cleanness of your hands. Although you should be careful to avoid soaps that are drying to the skin and take away your natural oils. Try to buy soaps that add moisture to your skin, the moisture your skin has the softer they will be!

4. Massage
Increase the circulation in your hands by giving them a quick massage every night. This will help them appear more healthy and have the right color tone.

5. Super Soft Hands
For really soft hands try applying a heavy cream or Vaseline to your hands and putting them in cotton gloves at night. This will help seal in the moisture which will give you amazingly soft hands.

6. When doing housework or doing the dishes wear gloves to protect your hands from harsh chemicals and over drying.

I hope these tips help you get beautiful hands!

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