Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nightstand Necessities

Every girl keeps an odd assortment of things on her nightstand which are the things that she may need during the night or whenever she is laying in bed. I myself am one those girls who keeps random beauty products and other necessities by my bed. I thought I would share with you all the odds and ends that are resting upon my bedside nightstand!

Beauty Products!
All of the items fit into my desk lamp.

Hand Sanitizer- Midnight Pomegranate

Bath and Body Works 5 for $5.00

Hand Lotion- Japanese Cherry Blossom
Bath and Body Works $2.00-$3.00

Tissues- Small packet that can be found at most dollar stores

Hair- 2 Hair bands and a bobby pin

Chapstick- Chapstick Medicated in case I need to apply some to my lips before ed or if I wake up with dry lips
General Store, Dollar Store, Drug Store $1.00-$2.00

Nails- I always keep the color that is on my nails for touch ups along with my Wet&Wild Top Coat. (I still use my Seche Vite when I paint my nails but this is cheaper for an everyday application) This also helps keep my nail polish lasting longer if you want more tips on this check this out Beauty Tips to make your Nail Polish Last
General Stores, Drug Stores $3.99-$4.99

Nail File- In case I chip a nail or just need to even them out a bit

The Non-Beauty Products!
Blue IHome- where my IPod touch lives when it is not in my purse! That I also use to tell the time and alarm clock.

Desk lamp- I use a desk lamp that has all the cubicles in them so I can hold all kinds of little things in it. It also keeps the little things organized so the nightstand doesn't look messy!
 Target $12.00

Two Picture Frames

Strawberry Shortcake Scented Candle

Droid Tablet Reader and School book stacked- My personal reading on my tablet- Just started Bright Young Things which is the second Series by the Author Anna Godbersen who wrote the Luxe Series want to know more about the fabulous books! Luxe Series and for my philosophy class Atlas Shrugged by Any Rand.

 Miniature Notebook- I just keep all good quotes or sayings in that I might read.

Daily Pep Talk Calender- This is just by bedside calender that has funny sayings or stories to make you feel better about your day! It even has a tear off side that you can give to someone who may be having a bad day!

Bookstores $12.99

Blackberry Bold- My phone also rest here to charge at night or sometimes it ends up in the bed with me

These are all the things that I keep on my nightstand! Tell me what you have on yours or if you know of any really cute phone holders because I am on the lookout for those!

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  1. I keep very similar items on my nightstand, as well! I should consider investing in one of those lamps, looks very functional! I keep a couple fashion magazines next to my bed as well for last minute outfit ideas (so silly, I know, but I plan my outfits at night) and my eye mask stays on my nightstand until I go to bed because I go crazy if I can't find it before bed (silly again!) Good post!!

  2. I wish I had a night stand, hahah!

  3. Hey, I'm so glad I found your blog :)! I have a beauty blog and I'm having 2 giveaways right now, so check it out!


  4. I have a somewhat similar items on my nightstand as well. I'm currently in love with the scent of my Bath & body Works Forever Sunshine body lotion. I also have a lip balm or else my lips would dry out. I use isopropyl alcohol though... Maybe I should change it to B&BW hand sanitizer... Thanks for the tip! :)