Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Trend: Gold Dynasty

Some say that gold is a classic. Those who say that are right! Here is the thing, gold is forever in style but this season its one of the most fashionable things to wear. The trend is gold everything! From earrings, to bracelets to necklaces and more. So when your out shopping for your favorite accessory make sure that you stop and pick up some gold pieces! It can be worn with everything and all the spring trends are paired with gold accessories! Therefore when your buying your gold piece of jewelery it is not just the style/ trend of today that you won't wear again remember its a classic piece of jewelery and that makes it a investment. Feel free to splurge because it will be something you can wear with numerous outfits. Diamonds aren't the only thing that is forever..Gold is too!

The one gold pieces that I am truly loving are watches!

 Stella Translucent Rose Gold Dial Watch $105.00 
In love with this watch. It has such a vintage feel to it and adds a little gold classiness to any outfit. The perfect thing about this watch is that it can be worn causal, dressy and even business formal! Now any gold watch can be cute but I really like the oversize manly women watches like this one.

  Woven Hair Mutirow Necklace $85.00
This luxurious golden necklaces is the perfect statement necklace that will grab the eye of anyone! Will work perfect for all simple outfits that need just extra piece of flair.

Semi Precious on Gold Bracelet $25.00

This beautiful piece of art is, yes a bracelet that is full a subtle yet, noticeable glittery stones and one very precious stone.

The Next three pieces are from  and I thought these pieces embodied at least two spring trends in one!
Pressed Floral Bracelets $4.80
These combine the gold trend along with the floral trend and bangles trend! I haven't covered the Floral trend but let me know if you want me to. Bangles Trend Spring: Trend Bangles
Tribal Layers necklace $7. 80
This combines the Cabochon trend along with the Gold trend Spring Trend Cabochon
Anchors Aweigh Necklace $3.80
This combines the nautical trend with the gold trend. To Check out the nautical trend Nautical Chic

Here are some ways to mix this trend into your wardrobe!

  ALSO I am still really interested in doing a makeup swap so if you are too check out my post for information


  1. Great set of items!
    XO Carrie

  2. love everything in this post! I wish that gold looked better with my skin tone.

  3. Love the fossil watch- tried on the silver version- Hubby has been prompted to get it for my bday present!! Congrats on you Leibester Award from BTW!!