Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Trend: Cabochon Style Stones

One of this springs hottest jewelry trends is Cabochon Style Stones! These pieces of jewelry can be used as statement pieces or just to add a pop of color to an outfit! The colors range from almost any color and can be found in almost all styles.  This trend gives off an nature, Aztec, Native American feel. Although with the right colors and styles it also comes across as fun and energetic! What I love about this jewelry trend is that it is so versatile that i works with almost all of the spring clothing trends!!
Blu Bijoux Cabochon Rings $12.00
In any color these rings are dainty and classy enough to add a sophisticated look to any outfit!
Turquoise and Purple Dome Ring $8.50
Love the mix of the bright turquoise and deep purple that make a nice but subtle pop of color.

Salon Sophisticate Necklace $19.99
This beautiful lilac stone necklace gives a touch or elegance or a neutral pop of color while creating a stunning neckline!
Fashionista Stone Ring $4.80
Plain and simple this ring may be but gorgeous it is still and for that price why not!
Oval Stone Necklace $5.80
Beautiful stone necklace to add a neutral touch to any outfit.
Oversize Filigre Stone Cuff $35.00

Here are a few ways to work this trend into your everyday outfits!


Sones by beautyaffair08 featuring antique brass jewelry

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  1. They're so beautiful! I love the Blu Bijoux Cabochon Rings. And, jewelries from Forever21 are so cute and affordable.

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