Friday, April 22, 2011

Favorite Teals

This spring I have been loving the color Teal/Turquoise! It is such a unique and pretty vibrant spring color I just love to mix it into my wardrobe with pieces of teal clothing or even just pops of teal with accessories. These are just a few of my favorite teal pieces this spring!

Knitted Sweater Cardigan $8.99
This dark teal knitted sweater is a favorite mainly because of its beautiful flowy shape. This is perfect for spring because you want to look light and spirited and this shape gives off that essence. It is also perfect for those rather chilly spring evenings.
 Fit to be Teal Dress $47.99
Simple but gorgeous. That is exactly what this dress is. With the right pair of shoes and some simple earrings this dress is very daring because of the color! What I am really loving about the dark teal shades is that they are still quite spring but at the same time still wearable by people who prefer darker shades rather then vibrant bright colors.

Fringed Scarf $4.50 Since winter I have truly been loving scarfs. I just love to add them to any basic outfit for either a pop of color or just something to make an outfit look put together. As spring is progressing I am still wearing scarfs and loving being able to use a scarf a bright pop of color, seeing as I am not that big of fan of wear super bright colors. A nice brightly colored scarf does the trick for me:)!
Tights for Every Occasion in Saturday Soiree $14.99
Black tights are cute but teal tights are fabulous! Brighten up your wardrobe by adding black tights that can be used in the color blocking trend or how I plan to wear them. By wearing some neutral colors then adding some brightly colored teal tights for something unique and different.
SENSE Cutout Platforms $145.00
Bold shoes are definitely a trend to lookout for this spring and summer seasons. So make sure you join the trend and get you a pair of teal heels that will make you look bold and daring.

Leather Ruched Twist Purse $32.00

  Not a big ran of wearing teal but love the color?! Well you don't have to wear just carry it by your side. Even adding a little accessory like a purse with the color teal will make you feel more spring fashion forward!

Desert Princess Necklace $7.80
This is a slight touch of teal mixed in with some bronze chains and teal feathers. This necklace will add that little bit of something that makes a huge difference to your outfit that will have everyone noticing.

Are feeling teal this spring or are you into other colors? Also what are some really good teal nail polishes? I was going through my nail polish collection and I noticed I don't have one teal nail polish! Sad I know, so tell me your favorites so I can buy some!!

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