Friday, April 8, 2011

Maybelline Shine Seduction

While at Rite Aid to just pick up some non beauty products like band aids and Tylenol. I happened to wonder over to the beauty aisle to only find out that the Maybelline Shine Seduction Lipcolors were on sale! I had planed on not buying any beauty products just because I had just brought a bunch of clothing and makeup a few days earlier. I just couldn't resist because I had never tried these items before. Also because I am a huge fan of lipstick glosses and things of that nature! I picked up in the color of Plum Bitten
One Cool thing that I like about this lip-gloss that I don't notice much in many twist/dial to get the product out lip glosses is that  if you twist it to the right the product comes out and if you twist it to the left it reduces the product. This is also different because most lip glosses similar to this has a sponge tip where the product comes out. This has only a plastic tip. I am not really a fan of the plastic tip because I feel as if the sponge helps evenly distribute the product. The color goes on easily and doesn't leave your lips feeling sticky which I do love. Overall this is a good product. I do recommend that people buy this product if you like these types of lip glosses, Although I would not consider this a must have item but if you see it on sale it is worth buying.


  1. You have a really nice blog. And I usually like buying stuff from Maybelline. I love their mascaras.

    Madeline :)

  2. I have this lip gloss, too!
    It's really nice.