Monday, April 18, 2011

Beauty Tips for Smooth Legs

Since spring is here us ladies will most likely be showing off our legs a lot more. Wearing our favorite Skirts, Shorts and dresses that will make our legs look fabulous! But, for our legs to be fabulous we must begin the hassle of removing hair from our legs... There are many ways in which this can be done through shaving, creams, waxes and lasers but I am mainly going to focus on shaving as that is what most females do anyway. I know that I think that shaving is a hassle and I try to make sure that keep my legs hairless and smooth for as long as possible before I must undergo the process of shaving again. Throughout my years of shaving I have come across some tips to make your legs look great and how to the most out of shaving for as long as possible. Here are just some tips to keep your legs looking toned, smooth and beautiful!

1. Tone
Before you even start the process of shaving get your legs toned up for the spring and summer months! Work out your leg muscles by doing leg exercises like planks or simply just going for a long walk to help tone your muscles!

2. Exfoliate
Your legs are one of the driest places on your body and therefore they usually have a lot of dry dead skin cells on top of your skin. The best way to remove them is to exfoliate your skin with a good body wash that has exfoliate within in it. Removing the dead cells will allow your to get a closer and better shave.
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3. Shaving Cream and Gel
Now, I know that some of my friends use regular bar soap to shave their legs and this is a big NO! Regular bar soap does not have the proper moisture to protect your skin from the harshness of a razor and also does not add any moisture to your skin and sometimes removes the need oils from your skin. Always use s shaving cream or gel. These products add moisture and create a barrier from your skin and from the razor. This way you won't have cuts from the razor. The creams and gels also provide moisture to help keep your skin smooth and not dry or flaky. I use Skintimate
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4. Razor
I never noticed if one brand of razors are better than others but I do know that the more blades the better and smoother shave you will get! Also to change your razor or your razor blades after 3 uses at the most. Dull blades can cause you to cut yourself and not get a clean shave. I prefer the Schick Quattro Trimstyle for women.
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5. Lotion
After you shave your legs and at least twice a day you want to make sure that you moisturize your legs with a good lotion. If your like me and don't like to shave your legs you are going to want to try Jergens Naturally Smooth which a shave minimizing lotion that works to help slow down the speed of your hair growth on your legs so that you don't have to shave as much! I have yet to try this because I just found out about when I told my friend about this post. I will be purchasing it and doing a review for you all!

6. Steps
When you first get in the shower you are going to want to do your normal shower routine and exfoliate your body and legs. After allowing the warm water to soften the hairs you are going to want to apply the shaving gel and shave your legs. You wan to make sure that you use upward motions in clean strokes from your ankle up. Take your time don't rush and cut yourself. Then pat dry your body so that you do not remove the natural oils in your skin and apply your lotion.

Hopefully these tips help you out on your journey for smooth legs! Let me know what products you use or what tips you have!

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  1. i love this post!! unfortunately in australia we are going into autumn so i'm more concerned about the scales on my legs due to wearing leggings and tights all the time:) will keep this in mind for about 6 months time though:) might even do a post then, just to make you jealous

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