Thursday, April 7, 2011

Faulty Finds: Lucky Chick Mandarin White Orchid Hand Cream

I was in the mall and I was shopping at one of my local beauty stores when I passed the Lucky Chick Brand! I was taken back by the really cute packaging! I thought to myself that it was too cute to pass up, but for some reason the hand creams were wrapped up so I couldn't smell them:( But again I though it looks really cute so it has to be at least somewhat good and I normally like the smell of Orchids.

To my surprise  I was disappointed in the scent! It smells awkward and reminds me of some sort of environmentally safe bug spray. I was only able to use it once because I dislike the smell soo much! I really don't know much about the Lucky Chick brand but this hand cream is not one of my favorite scents at all!

Have you ever tried the Lucky Chick Brand?

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