Thursday, April 7, 2011

Music: Ron Pope

Lately, I have been non stop listing to Ron Pope! If you don't know who he is!? Ron Pope is a indie, alternative and acoustic rock artist who has traveled the country recording music and releasing albums! His music comes from his life experiences mainly the struggles in his life, overcoming hard times and the high and low points of love. His voice is gentle and smooth and sings so that you can feel the feelings he is trying to portray in his music. My favorite song by him by far is A Drop in the Ocean! If you listen to it I am sure that you will also agree that he is talented! Yet, it will most likely surprise you to know that he actually wrote the song with another artist and didn't record it because he believed that he didn't completely understand the song fully. Luckily after time he did understand and created a beautiful masterpiece of music! If you like bands similar to Dashboard Confessional, The Fray, and Lovedrug you will like Ron Pope!

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