Sunday, November 6, 2011

Nail Color I am Loving CQ-Slate

I know we always think that we have found the best nail polish color in the world right? But honestly I feel as if I am always finding new colors that I swear that I will die with out. So when browsing through my local CVS and saw Slate by CQ in its cute little bottle I could not pass it up. Of course I had to convince my self that since it was the last by left of that color that if I didn't get it now I would never find this deep but bold dark green. Plus since it was only like $3.00, so how could I say no??! Sadly this nail polish sat on my desk for about three weeks even though I thought that I would die without it. But finally I put this nail polish on and it is even prettier than I expected the color is so unique its hard to explain. Trust me though it is beautiful and I have been getting compliments on it all week!
Ok, now that that you have seen it you must say that it is breath taking! Ok, yeah I know its just nail polish but for a nail polish it is really cute:)


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  1. That color looks so good for being so cheap!!! I'll have to try to find it.
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